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October 17, 1994

Be Baltimore

Why is it that the governor and Peter Angelos want to bring a National Football League franchise to Baltimore? Why should we, the taxpayers, be at the mercy of major league sports?

The Orioles are on strike. What do we have to show for it? The spanking new and now unused Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Long before there was a major league Orioles, the Colts or the CFLs, there was a city. The name of the city was Baltimore.

Baltimore was well known for steamed crabs, hard-working people, the port. In short, we had our own identity and were respected for it.

The B&O Railroad, Maryland Shipbuilding and Drydock, Crosse and Blackwell -- their products were well known throughout the country and the world. We used our resourcefulness and creativity to make a name for ourselves, making the most of what we had.

Unfortunately, we have become a wannabe city. We want to be like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

We have a subway that goes nowhere and a Light Rail system that brings criminals to the suburbs. And now our beloved governor wants to spend our tax dollars to make a name for himself.

Dare to be different, Baltimore. Instead of spending billions of taxpayers dollars to attract Disney and the NFL, we should put it back into our schools and our once stellar Enoch Pratt Free Library.

How ironic that Baltimore touts itself as "The City That Reads," yet there is little money for the Pratt, and our teachers have to dig deep into their pockets to keep the schools running.

Gomer Jones


Lafayette stop

When the subway was under construction in Baltimore, subway stops were assigned names in proximity to locations: Mondawmin and Lexington Market, for example.

The only location not in accordance was the site of the Lafayette Market, Upton.

This may not be the principal reason for the decline of the Lafayette Market, but many merchants anticipated an increase in business due to the subway station.

As city officials contemplate what to do with the market, one suggestion might be to give the proper name to the station stop, as the market is, hopefully, given a chance to again become a neighborhood market and not a carry-out mini-mall.

McNair Taylor


Benefits district

I am writing to urge everyone in Charles Village to vote "yes" for the Community Benefits District. For most people, the tax to support legislation will be less than 25 cents per day. For a couple of dimes a day, Charles Village residents will have a cleaner, safer and better place to live.

The residents and property owners have the final say in how the money for the benefits district is spent.

If you have any questions or opinions, call 889-7927 and find out when your block is having a meeting to discuss the issues.

Then go and have a voice in improving Charles Village.

Kraig Black


$232 million

Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey says she wants to provide tax support to private schools through a $2,000 per student tuition tax credit.

With 116,000 students in Maryland nonpublic schools, this plan would cost us an additional $232 million per year. How this would square with her promise of a huge tax cut is a real mystery.

Ms. Sauerbrey's tuition tax credit scheme would force Marylanders to pay for schools that, unlike our public schools, are not under public control and that practice forms of discrimination and indoctrination not allowed in public schools and incompatible with public funding.

She seems to have forgotten that we Marylanders voted twice in referenda in the 1970s to defeat plans to divert public funds to nonpublic schools, that a similar plan by Gov. William Donald Schaefer was defeated in the legislature less than two years ago, and that in states from coast to coast voters have consistently defeated all plans to divert tax aid to private schools. In the 1990s such schemes were defeated at the polls by 2 to 1 margins in California, Oregon and Colorado.

If Ms. Sauerbrey wants to be governor, she should abandon a radical plan that would wreck our public schools, increase spending by $232 million per year, undermine the religious liberty of all citizens and divide our kids at public expense along religious lines.

Edd Doerr

Silver Spring

The writer is executive director of Americans for Religious Liberty.

Mythical media liberalism

In recent months, your paper has published numerous essays by conservative columnists who incessantly whine about their never substantiated certainty as to the "obvious liberal bias" of .. the media.

Included in this is the rather bizarre, sweeping claim that liberals are responsible for virtually all social evils ranging from "Johnny preferring Nintendo to homework" (Mona Charen) to Cal Thomas' claim that liberals are to blame for the "Beavis and Butt-head" cartoon and adolescent mentality.

May I rhetorically ask those columnists whom they are trying to delude?

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