Redmond in County Council District 3

October 17, 1994

The race for Anne Arundel County Council's Third District seat is a contest between a mediocre incumbent and a challenger who has worked as hard to get this job as any candidate we have seen. This is a case where voters should take their chances on a change.

Republican Councilman Carl G. "Dutch" Holland's resume includes bringing to fruition the Mountain Road library, Solley Elementary School and the Lake Shore sports complex, ideas begun by his predecessor; promoting a school nurse program, and authoring noise control and fly ash regulation laws.

In actuality, however, his record is more mixed that this list of achievements indicates. Mr. Holland's sometimes shaky political skills have been a problem for him and almost cost his district the library and Solley school projects. Being an effective councilman involves mastering the art of marshalling four out of seven council votes. With both the library and the school, Mr. Holland lost the four votes at one point or another. He managed to save the library with last-minute lobbying, but the desperately needed Solley school would have been history were it not for Del. Joan Cadden, who forged a compromise to save it. Mr. Holland has been lucky his term ended as successfully as it did.

Challenger Thomas Redmond is a Pasadena native who has been involved with the community for years. Last year, he showed initiative and an ability to rally the community by spearheading a joint effort to raze an old eyesore, the Brickhouse Bar on Mountain Road, for $1, saving the county $40,000. His two-year campaign has been distinguished by unusual organization and commitment. The fact that he runs an automobile recycling operation is sometimes held against him. But one of the county's leading environmentalists, Mary Rosso, testifies that his business is a good neighbor. He has made recycling, tree-replacement and better enforcement of adequate public facilities laws the foremost part of his platform and won the endorsement of the Sierra Club and Ms. Rosso's group, Anne Arundel Voters for Environmental Justice. Third District voters should give Mr. Redmond a chance.

Tomorrow: County Council District 4.

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