August F. Crabtree, 89, creator of a collection of 16...


October 17, 1994

August F. Crabtree, 89, creator of a collection of 16 miniature ships on display at the Mariners' Museum in Newport News since the 1950s, died Thursday in Grafton, Va. He worked for 28 years on the display, some of it so small that a magnifying glass is needed to make out the details. After selling the collection to the Mariners' Museum for $75,000, he worked as an artist, lecturer and museum guide. Among his other works was a collection of U.S. presidents, each about one-fourth of an inch tall.

Jim Bolen, 67, a fixture on St. Louis television for more than 40 years, died Saturday. Mr. Bolen, who had been hospitalized since September for an abdominal aneurysm, had worked for television station KMOV-TV since 1958 and was co-anchor of the noon news.Earlier in his career, he played Cookie on the children's program "Cookie and the Captain" on television station KPLR-TV.

Charles "Bill" Moss, 71, who invented the dome-shaped pop tent in 1955, died in Phoenix Oct. 7. Mr. Moss studied art and originally planned to be a painter before taking a job as an illustrator for the Ford Motor Co. publication Ford Times. He left -- in 1958 to design tents for a living. His best-known design is the dome-shaped pop tent, so named because it pops open like an umbrella. Other well-known designs include The Stargazer, a backpacking tent on permanent display at New York's Museum of Modern Art, and a giant fabric sculpture in 1986 for the ceiling of the Seattle Coliseum.

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