Room for moreA new space-saving device can help travelers...

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October 16, 1994|By Jana Sanchez-Klein

Room for more

A new space-saving device can help travelers heading to cold-weather destinations pack sweaters, coats, pillows and comforters in roughly one-fourth of the usual space. The Space Bag from New West Products can reduce a 3-foot high stack of any loosely woven items into a relatively flat bundle using an ordinary vacuum cleaner. You just use the vacuum's hose attachment to suck the air out of the bag by way of a specially designed valve. Just open the bag when you get to your destination and the bag and its contents will reinflate. (Make sure you'll have access to a vacuum cleaner to reseal the bag for the trip home.) The bag comes in two sizes: The 22-inch by 34-inch bag ($14.95) holds up to 10 sweaters; the 36-inch by 52-inch bag ($19.95) can hold two king-size comforters plus several pillows. Order by calling (800) 233-5152.

Having trouble breathing on international plane flights? With poor air quality in general, smoke drifting into the no-smoking section and even insecticide sprayed in the cabin, easy breathing on an airplane can be a problem for some fliers. The solution might be an anti-pollution mask. The mask, which looks like those that surgeons wear, puts a thin layer of activated charcoal between the contaminants and your lungs. One mask is good for several long flights. It's available from Magellan's Essentials for the Traveler for $9.85 and can be ordered by calling (800) 962-4943.

Perfect packing

Judith Gilford, who has taught a course called "How to Pack for Three Weeks and Two Climates in One Carry-on Bag" for six years to throngs of travelers in Northern California, has now published a "tell-all" book. "The Packing Book" gives you checklists of what to bring for all types of travel, including weeklong business trips, outdoor adventures, family vacations and short getaways. Ms. Gilford also shares her secrets to successful packing using the Bundle Method, and offers advice about which are the best brands and types of luggage to buy. "The Packing Book" is available for $7.95 at Passenger Stop, 740 Dulaney Valley Road in Towson. (410) 821-5888.

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