As the Night Wind Sleeps

October 14, 1994|By Vincent W. MacDonald

Homeless people drift, devoid of smiles

Their lives in everlasting eclipse

1% Aimlessly tracking they muddle on

Like fallen leaves in whirling gusts

Disconsolate debris on life's tortuous path

The night wind sleeps

When dusk draws its soft veil across the day

Summer's hot blood cools steadily

Withering leaves fight to hold their green

8, As autumn invades the layers of the wind

Past curtained panes seep sheltered light

Evoking thoughts of home through the night

Dampening cheeks with silent tears

5) Awakening pain held through the years

Public quaffing of apathy's perverse brew

Deal death to hope, chase vestiges of truth

Inducing retreat, deep within,

Withdrawal behind lowered heads,

-! Twisting lips in deep despair

In the dark of the moon the homeless trod

9- Walking in torment, distressed, agonizing

The face of night fades

Under the flush of dawn

Despair dissolves with departing dark

Belts are tightened another notch

?3 As their lengthy walk on the other side of love

Journeys into societal indifference

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