Moxley, Kamenetz for County Council

October 14, 1994

The anti-incumbent fervor that swept Baltimore County in 1990 was no more evident than in the results of the seven County Council races. Five of the sitting council members were dismissed by the voters and replaced by political greenhorns. And few seemed greener than the Catonsville community activist who won the First District seat, Republican Berchie L. Manley.

Being green is no grave sin for a new officeholder. However, despite her diligence and sincerity, Mrs. Manley has failed to demonstrate that she has matured in the job during the past four years. She has often been the 1 in 6-1 votes, opting for what she considers principled stands instead of working toward compromises that might include her input.

Her adamant opposition to the proposed research park at the University of Maryland campus in Catonsville is one example of her lonely defiance of a consensus project that would benefit not just Baltimore County but the entire region as well.

Some First District residents may like this elevation of NIMBYist thinking to council ranks. We think it hurts Catonsville and the county in general. That's why we strongly endorse Mrs. Manley's challenger, Democrat Stephen G. Moxley, in the Nov. 8 election. The county party treasurer with a law practice and an accounting degree, Mr. Moxley offers the experience that suggests he will take readily to council work and serve as an asset when the panel tackles matters of law and budget -- its two main provinces.

The Second District seat was vacated when Democratic Councilman Melvin G. Mintz made his unsuccessful bid to become county executive. The candidates for the slot are Democrat Kevin Kamenetz, a Pikesville attorney who heads his party's central committee in the county, and Republican Jacqueline A. Fleming of Lochearn, a teacher and neighborhood activist.

Ms. Fleming, 55, boasts that she is "older and wiser" than her 36-year-old opponent. Nevertheless, we enthusiastically back Mr. Kamenetz in the belief that his work as the party chairman, a private lawyer, a former assistant state's attorney for Baltimore and an official with various community groups constitutes excellent preparation for council service.

Monday: County Council Districts 3 and 4.

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