Find right outfit so you and turkey are well-dressed


October 13, 1994|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Q: I recently remarried and this Thanksgiving will be the first time my family and my husband's extended family actually meet.

I've decided to cook, and there will be 12 for dinner at my house. I want to make it quite formal, so I plan to use all our new silver and china. I'll be doing the serving, with the help of my sister, and I want to look dressy but not ridiculous in the kitchen when I'm doing the last-minute touches.

A: For an expert on combining ease and elegance I called on Philippine-born Josie Natori. She designs lingerie and at-home wear that sells around the world.

"The most comfortable outfit for a hostess who does all the work is a tunic and pull-on pants. One of my favorites is in black velvet, and I put it with silk pants."

Ms. Natori recommends finishing the look with jewelry. Bold drop earrings or small ones with a necklace are good because they will flatter your face. Avoid distracting pendants or bracelets.

As for shoes, go for ballerinas. "If you want to be more fashionable, try a mule with a small heel," Ms. Natori says.

And one last word of advice: Before the guests arrive take a good 20 minutes to put on your make-up. Use a pencil to outline your lips so the color stays on longer.

When you finish, powder well and then mist your face with water. This will set the make-up and keep it fresh for hours.

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