IRS seeking residents who are owed tax refunds


October 10, 1994

The Internal Revenue Service and Maryland State Comptroller's Office are seeking Carroll County residents who are due income tax refunds from returns filed for 1993 and previous years.

Residents who think they are owed a tax refund can call the federal IRS at (410) 962-3330 and the state comptroller at (410) 974-3885.

Carroll County residents who are owed a federal refund are:

* Detour: Herman J. and Mary L. Steffen.

* Finksburg: Michael J. Johnson.

* Hampstead: Robert J. Biglin, family of Bobby R. Livesay (deceased), Harry and Shelly Myers Jr.

* Keymar: Bruce D. and Virginia J. Waldron.

* Marriottsville: Robert D. Delivuk Sr.

* Mount Airy: Kathryn S. Gleeson, Chester Hill.

* Sykesville: Randall D. Pennell.

* Taneytown: Ronald L. Fringer.

* Union Bridge: John R. Galentine.

* Westminster: Elizabeth Anne Chance, Thomas Eder, Richard T. and Jean L. Fisher, Donald Ibex, Robert E. Lee.

Carroll County residents who are owed a state refund are:

* Finksburg: Vitas J. and Roberta Raskauskas, Joshua M. Penn.

* Hampstead: Jody L. Crabill, Olin E. Vaughn Jr.

* Manchester: Chad M. Shaffer.

* Marriottsville: Robert D. Delivuk Sr.

* Mount Airy: Jerry Savage, Lynette A. Seymour, Silvar R. Quintero, Jose L. Tejado, Paul J. Stambach.

* Sykesville: Wendy M. Mullins, Russell S. Brown, Shawn Restivo, James M. Davis Jr., Vincent G. and Mary J. Strohmer, Willie L. Kittrell.

* Union Bridge: Evette Dupree.

* Upperco: Jason M. Durham.

* Westminster: Raul A. Lemus, Kathleen Garris, Sharon D. Ball, Paul B. Melville, William and Grace H. Stanton, Ronald E. Wentz, Anna M. Hock, Melanie R. Bartgis, Richard T. and Jean L. Fisher, V. L. Harris, William Bollinger Sr., Christopher Myers, James S. and Mary L. Wright, Peggy A. Wheeler.

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