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October 10, 1994


Frank D. Roylance's article Sept. 25, "From the High Seas to Dire Straits," depicting the plight of the USF Constellation, was incisive and informative.

One of the questions raised was how the city is going to raise the $25 million needed for the restoration work before the U.S. Navy repossesses the ship. I have what might be a very worthy idea:

Make monetary solicitations of the public which will include not only the restoration of the ship but also the total, complete and forever demolition of that hideous piece of architecture adjacent to it.

What a sad day it would be if Baltimore were to lose, forever, the Constellation and to have as a reminder that little piece of primitiveness which calls itself, pretentiously, Constellation Center.

Jamie Blount



The column by William Pfaff on Sept. 15 uncovers only the tip of the iceberg about the actions of President Francois Mitterrand during and after World War II in rendering assistance to French Nazis.

Not only did he join the anti-Semitic Petain government during the occupation, but afterward was responsible in his position as the president of the National Prisoner of War Movement in obtaining the release of Nazi collaborators during the war, most notably Eugene Schueller, the founder of L'Oreal and a long-time virulent anti-Semite.

While other members of the organization to which Mr. Schueller belonged were tried and executed as traitors, Mr. Mitterrand was able to arrange for Mr. Schueller's release and re-entry into French society.

For this act, Mr. Mitterand was amply rewarded by being made publisher of one of Mr. Schueller's magazines, Votre Beaute. As an interesting sidelight, Mr. Mitterand in his early biographies had the gall to list himself as a publisher.

The above information is disclosed in a letter to the New York Times of Sept. 19 by Clifford Forster.

However, even more outrageous has been Mr. Mitterand's recent actions in allowing L'Oreal, under the daughter of Ernest Schueller, Liliane Bettancourt (the richest individual in France with $4.2 billion in her personal fortune), to avoid the laws against companies cooperating and directly aiding the secondary and tertiary boycott of Israel by the Arab League.

In an obvious miscarriage of justice, L'Oreal has been allowed to escape essentially free of any punishment for a series of actions that hurt Israel economically and allowed L'Oreal to abide by the infamous Arab boycott.

President Mitterand has much to answer for in his treatment of Israel during the past 14 years as well as earlier, his involvement with known Nazis and Nazi collaborators, his release of terrorists from French detention to allow them to escape to haven in Iran and the failure under his regime to prosecute war criminals.

D8 History may not judge him lightly for these actions.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

Sun's Sour Braying

The Sun is behind the curve in getting its information and passing it to the public. The editorial in the Perspective section Sept. 18 said that you want information from the gubernatorial candidates concerning the major issues facing Maryland.

Did you guys sleep all summer?

Del. Ellen Sauerbrey held not one but two press conferences over the last three months giving specific details on how she would address balancing the budget and promoting economic development.

I guess The Sun chose to either ignore any candidate that was not leading in the polls or ignore the facts brought out by Delegate Sauerbrey. My guess is that both are correct.

You say you want a campaign of issues, not slogans. Ellen Sauerbrey did exactly that, and the voters responded overwhelmingly in their approval of her message.

If you truly mean what you say, you will present the issues without any slant to them and let the voters make up their own minds.

You gave your position away when you requested, "No bromides, please." Maryland is in desperate need of some tough medicine, which Delegate Sauerbrey prescribes.

You just want to avoid taking anything that might "disagree" with you.

Greg Muth


Liberty Road

Three women were killed in a car collision on Liberty Road the other day.

I hope the investigation continues beyond what you have reported.

This terrible accident merits further investigation, which may bring to light things we can learn and possibly prevent re-occurrences.

I strongly recommend more police cars patrolling the area, from the city line to beyond Randallstown. Their presence should be an effective deterrent to excessive speeding, reckless driving, etc . . .

There are traffic signals at Buckingham and Croydon Roads. As a rule, traffic on Liberty Road is slowed because of these signals.

As you reported, the area of Liberty Road where this accident occurred is heavily traveled.

Much of this traffic is caused by the closed Buckingham bridge, which was badly damaged a long time ago and never rebuilt.

Hopefully it will now be restored, as a one-way or two-way bridge.

B. J. Small


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