County Needs Better Street LightingHaving been a resident...


October 09, 1994

County Needs Better Street Lighting

Having been a resident in Carroll County since May, I have noticed the paucity of street lights in this county, especially at well-traveled intersections.

Your Sept. 28 Carroll County/Maryland section made brief mention of the pedestrian struck at the intersection of Route 32 and Barthlow/Londontown Roads -- an intersection without any lighting, an intersection heavily traveled because of its proximity to Liberty High School, the London Fog Factory and nearby Routes 32 and 26.

Living near this intersection and watching the State Police Medivac helicopter land there prompts me to raise this question to Carroll residents and officials: Is there a law or ordinance that either limits or prohibits street-lighting in this county?

Perhaps a light at this intersection would not have prevented this tragedy, but it certainly would not have promoted it either. If this county is going to grow in population, let's promote such growth with attention to safety.

What you can't see very well can hurt you.

Dr. Joel Hassman


Extreme Right? Wrong

As I watched the various political candidates on television on primary night while they waited for the election returns, something stood out to me.

I watched as Parris Glendening gave his speech to his supporters at his victory party.

In the background, I saw supporters in tuxedos, and many other political candidates attempting to move in front of the camera, obviously in hopes of increasing their own political survival.

Then came the Ellen Sauerbrey victory party. When Ellen made her speech, she was on a stage alone, speaking to the media and her loyal supporters. No other politician was in the camera's view.

What stood out most to me was her supporters and staff. Here, the crowd was dressed casually, jeans, T-shirts, open collars and even families, some with small children on their parents' shoulders. It was obvious for all to see that Ellen Sauerbrey is a candidate of the people.

Now in the media we hear Glendening label Ellen Sauerbrey as "extreme right." I don't think lower taxes, cutting the size and cost of state government and finally doing something effective about Maryland's soaring crime problem is "extreme right."

If it is, then Glendening is "extreme wrong" for mainstream Maryland. . . .

Matt Breeding


District 4B's Indignities

The people who live within six to eight miles of the city of Westminster have it pretty good. Schools, through all grades, are nearby. Civic improvements, utility upgrades, emergency rooms, police just moments away, good roads -- all the things that add to the quality of your lives and the dollar value of your homes are in place and functioning well.

Next time you take a drive out into the countryside to admire the view, try to be fair, stop to thank someone who lives there for helping to pay for all the conveniences that serve you so well.

I am campaigning to represent a portion of Frederick and Carroll counties in the House of Delegates. My district is 4B.

District 4B is about 180 square miles. We are approximately 30,000 people living around and between Mount Airy and Emmitsburg.

There is not a single high school in our entire district. One-hundred and eighty square miles. Thirty thousand souls. Not one single high school.

This sad statistic does not belong in America. This sad statistic belongs in a Third World country. This sad statistic certainly does not belong in a district where more than 80 percent of the people own the homes they live in.

Emmitsburg, Taneytown and Mount Airy used to have their own community high schools.

Not anymore. Our children and tax money are being hauled away toward the centers of Frederick and Carroll counties. At least the county governments have the decency to give us our children back.

The lack of high schools in District 4B is just the glaring tip of the iceberg. Mount Airy has needed a reservoir for 20 years.

All of our towns need significant civic improvements. Bridges in the countryside around Emmitsburg are crumbling or already shut down.

. . . The people of District 4B need to make the counties and state put back more of our money where it should have been all along: Where we, the taxpayers, live.

Roy Pfeiffer

Union Bridge

Don't Close Mental Hospitals

The state of Maryland has a well-organized plan to close one of its metropolitan psychiatric state hospitals. In order to accomplish this, the state has put together a highly political task force without representation from staff or patients from these hospitals. The agenda is clear: Close one hospital in order to transfer its public money to the politically more powerful community programs.

Not that anyone can be against the development of community programs. They have been doing a good job of keeping patients in the community at a lesser cost to the taxpayers. But state hospitals are still very needed for the severely disabled patients who cannot adjust in the community without posing a high risk to self or others. . . .

State hospitals have no lobby, no voice and no power, yet they serve the most psychiatrically disabled segment of the population. They are the safety net of public psychiatry. To close one of them at this time is to invite unnecessary suffering for these patients and their families. . . .

This move is premature and more politically than clinically motivated. State hospitals will naturally downsize as patients find adequate placements and efficient treatments in the community.

Maryland voters . . . should take this in consideration. . . .

!Dr. Marcio V. Pinheiro


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