James A. Bristo., 29, a recording studio mixer, died Sept...


October 09, 1994

James A. Bristo., 29, a recording studio mixer, died Sept. 26 of tuberculosis at St. Clare's Hospital in Manhattan. The former Baltimorean, a graduate of city schools, had worked in New York for several years. He is survived by his stepmother, Bernetta Bristol; four brothers, Vernon and Timothy Williamson, J. R. Powell and William Bristol; and a sister, Sandra Williamson. All are of Baltimore. Services were held Thursday in Baltimore.

Neils K. Jerne, 82, a London-born immunologist and co-recipient of the 1984 Nobel Prize for medicine, died Friday at his home in Pont du Gard, France, of cancer of the throat. The 1984 prize went to Dr. Jerne and two other researchers for research on the human immune system.

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