From The Sun Oct. 9-15, 1844* Oct. 14: Centre Market -- On...


October 09, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 9-15, 1844

* Oct. 14: Centre Market -- On Saturday there was an abundance of all sorts of provisions, but the fish market was particularly attractive. We have rarely seen so great a quantity of fine rock and perch.

* Oct. 15: The Fall races at Canton, near this city, commence to-day. A number of the finest nags in the country are on the ground.

From The Sun Oct. 9-15, 1894

* Oct. 9: A Catholic Congress, colored, began its fifth national convention yesterday at St. Peter Claver's Hall on Carey Street. Rev. J. R. Slattery, president of St. Joseph's Seminary, preached the sermon. He said, "The colored man needs encouragement to well-doing, to ambition, to rise above degrading circumstances."

* Oct. 11: The Traction Company has changed the color of the cars on its McMechen Street and Fremont Avenue line to orange instead of green, which still remains the color of the Edmondson

Avenue line.

From The Sun Oct. 9-15, 1944

* Oct. 9: Two persons were injured, one of them critically, when an airplane in which they were pleasure-flying crashed near the Curtiss-Wright airfield on Smith Avenue yesterday, four days after the ban on private flying at locals fields was lifted.

* Oct. 11: Avon O. (Azey) Foreman, whose exploits of sitting on a flagpole for ten days made him a local hero and started a nation-wide craze of flag-pole sitting 15 years ago, is dead at the age of 30.

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