Schaefer, Schmoke show how politics works around here, hon


October 07, 1994|By DAN RODRICKS

So the governor pardons an ex-politico, Sam Green, who doesn't even say he's sorry and, as a matter of fact, still protests his innocence 20 years after his corruption trial. Of all the crooks a governor can pardon, he can't even find a contrite one. Not our Don Donaldo. His is a magic way, no? One pictures the man with his thumbs in his ears, his hands spread wide, his tongue sticking out, going "Nyah-nyah" as he heads into his final days. Not a pretty picture.

Congrats, now vote for me

High school seniors recently received a nice letter from Mayor Schmoke, congratulating them on reaching the 12th grade and wishing them well in their final year in Baltimore public schools. The letter, printed on City Hall stationery and mailed at a cost of 24 cents each to seniors' homes, said: "This is an extremely important year for you because you will face many major decisions. You must decide what your next level of accomplishment will be. Will you go on to higher education or venture into the world of work? Will you vote for me or Mary Pat Clarke after you've turned 18?"

Hold on now. That last line, the one in italics, was mine. The mayor's letter, of course, did not ask such a blatantly political question. However, the letter was accompanied by an eight-page instructional brochure titled, "How To Vote In Maryland." And, of course, the mayor just happens to be running for re-election next year. Does Mary Pat get to do a mailing, too?

St. Joe's shows it 'cares'

One last comment on the Tiffany Troch case. . . . As reported in Wednesday's column, a Baltimore County Circuit Court jury awarded $3.35 million in damages for the negligence that contributed to the 13-year-old girl's death, but it dropped St. Joseph Hospital from the list of those who bore responsibility. It also knocked $1 million off the original award made by an arbitration panel that found the actions of all defendants, including the hospital, contributed to Tiffany's death. The hospital's attorney successfully argued that the emergency room doctor who examined Tiffany did not work for St. Joe's; he merely had privileges to practice there. In fact, there are signs in the emergency room making that distinction.

But here's the thing that bothers me: Mark and Debbie Troch never saw those signs. They drove their daughter to a hospital they trusted, a hospital that presented itself as adequately staffed to diagnose and treat acute injuries -- Tiffany had a lacerated liver -- and their daughter ended up bleeding to death in that hospital. And yet, because the doctors were not in its

direct employ, the hospital was not responsible? The hospital's attorney says Maryland law is clear on that point. What's clear to me is that the hospital got off the hook.

One that got away

We now know more about the crab that crawled into Rusty Kelly's backyard on East Timonium Road. It escaped the spicy steam bath at a house three doors from Rusty's. The guy who lives there is pretty sure that was his crab.

Cheerios, away we go!

Seen on Interstate 95, south of Magnolia, Harford County: Man driving car. Man driving car with spoon in right hand. Lip of cereal bowl resting on steering wheel. Man eating cereal while driving car.

Seen on Moravia Road, Baltimore: Man driving blue subcompact. Woman sitting in front passenger seat. Woman with spoon. Woman spoon-feeding breakfast cereal into man's gaping mouth while man drives car. Said the bug-eyed commuter who witnessed this: "I don't care how they reinvent Hillary. Maybe she'll be baking cookies on 'Regis & Kathie Lee.' I dunno. But I'm sure we won't be seeing her spoon-feeding Bill in the front seat." Yeah, but someday in the not so distant future, I'm sure some paparazzo will catch the former president hawgin' down a Wendy's Double Cheese from behind the wheel of a big ole Chevy Suburban outside Little Rock. Just you watch.

Little Italy's Norwegian

Roy Eppard, who was not born Italian but married one, has been elected president of the Little Italy Community Organization, soundly beating incumbent Gia Blattermann. Eppard's ancestry is Norwegian. He's an energetic 36-year-old commercial property manager who lives in a Formstone front on Albemarle Street with his wife, the former Catherine Miele (that's Italian for "honey," hon.) When I saw Roy the other day, he had a large bandage on his nose. The result of a political battle? (No laugh. Blattermann's husband, Al, was punched in the jaw in front of St. Leo's on primary election day.) "No, just a little nose job," Roy said. There had been talk of Gia Blattermann getting the City Council seat vacated in the Fightin' First by Perry Sfikas, who won a primary for state senate. But the LICO vote doesn't bode well for her.

Exposing the cover-ups

A sign at the Jewish Community Center in Park Heights, just tacked up, says that because of "changing social norms," men must now wear bathing suits during the men-only swim.

From "other discussion" section of minutes of September meeting of the Towson-Loch Raven Community Council: "Jean Eckhart, of Glenmont-Glendale, mentioned a possible problem with a women's exercise class located on the lower level of the Loch Raven Shopping Center. The comment concerned scantily clothed women in full view of the public." All in favor say, "Aye!"

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