Michael Flannery, 92, a longtime supporter in the United...


October 03, 1994

Michael Flannery, 92, a longtime supporter in the United States of the Irish Republican Army, died Friday of internal bleeding after a fall at his home in Jackson Heights, N.Y. He left Ireland in 1927 to find work in the United States, and stayed four decades in the actuarial department of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. But the great theme of his life was supporting the fight of the Irish against the British -- to the point of raising money, organizing groups and even being charged -- and acquitted -- of gunrunning.

Sister Mary Margaret Johanning, 57, a former general superior of the international congregation of School Sisters of Notre Dame, died Saturday of cancer in Jefferson City, Mo. She was on leave as chancellor of the Diocese of Jefferson City. She had held the position since 1989 and was the only woman to ever head the diocese. During her 10 years as head of the international congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the order expanded into Nepal, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Pacific island of Ebeye.

Madeline Block Straus Willner, 92, the daughter of an Inland Steel founder who helped light the company's first steel blast furnace when she was 5, died Friday in Chicago. Her father, Philip Dee Block, was Inland Steel's president from 1919 to 1941. The furnace she lighted became known as Madeline No. 1, and all subsequent Inland furnaces were named after her.

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