Youth off to strong start in Saturday YABA league


October 02, 1994|By DON VITEK

The Young American Bowling Alliance leagues are finishing their first month of competition on the tenpin lanes at centers across the nation.

The Saturday morning youth bowlers at Brunswick Normandy have been quick to put up some imposing numbers.

In Division I for the first three weeks, the Bowlers of the Week for most pins over average are Chris Handel, Mike Hay and Lauren Everhart.

In Division II, Bowlers of the Week are Jake France, Jason Kessler and Paul Norko.

Handel, 7, is one of the veterans. In her fourth year of competition, the Woodlawn resident is starting in high gear this year.

The Featherbed Lane Elementary School second-grader is throwing a 10-pound Lazer ball with devastating effect.

Holding an 89 average, Chris, in her first week back on the lanes, fired a career-high game and set of 134 and 319, respectively.

That was good for 54 pins over average and a Bowler of the Week title.

Hay lives in Ellicott City and finished last year's season by posting 66 pins over average as Bowler of the Week.

This year, it was just the second week of the season that he made his mark. He was 45 pins over average to claim the Bowler of the Week title.

Everhart, 11, of Ellicott City, is averaging 95 after three years of competition. In the third week, she posted numbers that were 41 pins over average.

France of Ellicott City has been on the lanes for half of his 16 years. Last season, the Mount Hebron High student was Bowler of the Week for Week 7; this year he didn't wait that long.

In Division II the first week, he posted a score that was 76 pins above average to claim top bowler honors.

Kessler, 13, didn't get started on the tenpin lanes until just a little over a year ago. Since beginning with a 125 average last season, Jason has jumped that figure to its current 139.

And the second week of the season, throwing a 12-pound ball, he fired a three-game series that was 112 pins over average.

Norko is 12 years old and lives in Valley Meade. He started as a bantam with an average in the 90s, but now it's up to 130.

It was the third week of the season when the seventh-grader at Patapsco Middle School pounded out games that were 41 pins over average.

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