Harry Saltzman, 78, co-producer of "Dr. No," "Goldfinger...


September 30, 1994

Harry Saltzman, 78, co-producer of "Dr. No," "Goldfinger" and other early James Bond film classics, died Wednesday at the American Hospital of Paris. He entered the movie business in the mid-1940s and made his name with hard-hitting social dramas, including "Look Back in Anger" in 1959 and "Saturday Night and

Sunday Morning" the following year.

Archer Gordon, 73, a heart specialist known as the "father of CPR" for spreading the word about the resuscitation technique that combines mouth-to-mouth breathing with external compression, died in Los Angeles Sept. 18 from diabetes.

Phoebe Mayo Walters, 97, the last surviving child of the doctors who founded the Mayo Clinic, died Tuesday in Rochester, Minn. She was the daughter of Dr. William Mayo and Hattie Damon Mayo. Dr. Will, as he was known, and his brother Dr. Charles H. Mayo, founded the Mayo Clinic around the turn of the century.

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