Gun-grabbers are on the march againNot only gun owners...

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September 29, 1994

Gun-grabbers are on the march again

Not only gun owners should be concerned. All citizens interested in preserving their liberty should be up in arms over ''the next step'' just announced: Brady II.

Mrs. James Brady, as all good gun-grabbers do, put a very innocent face on this latest step toward confiscating all guns from private citizens. Brady II she said, ''. . . simply requires that those who buy handguns know how to handle them, how to store them, and understand their responsibility as gun owners.''

What she didn't say was that Big Brother government would have the authority under Brady II to enter the homes of private citizens to make sure the guns are being ''stored'' properly.

What she didn't say was that Big Brother government would have the authority under Brady II to require federal registration of handguns, licensing and fingerprinting of hand gun owners, and participation by handgun owners in a ''safety training'' course conducted by the police.

What she didn't say was that Brady II has absolutely nothing to do with crime prevention.

Its sole purpose is to bring us another step closer to the final confiscation of all guns from law-abiding citizens. (Criminals, of course, will not be affected.)

Our forebears knew full well the possibility of an undeterred central government becoming an oppressive, tyrannical enemy

of the people. That's why so many fought so hard to ensure that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Unwittingly, the staunch Federalist James Madison made a prophetic commentary on our times when he wrote, "let us no longer insult [citizens] with the supposition that they can ever reduce themselves to the necessity of [fighting the government for their freedom] by a blind and tame submission to the long train of insidious measures which must precede and produce it.''

Well guess what? By ''a blind and tame submission'' to taxation, regulation, legislation, confiscation, degradation, exploitation, orchestration, perpetuation, prevarication, procrastination, experimentation and misrepresentation we are rapidly reducing ourselves to that ultimate ''necessity.''

And by ignorance of and indifference to the dangers posed by the unrelenting activities of the Brady bunch and other gun-grabbers, we are condemning ourselves to losing that ultimate fight -- and as a result, our liberty.

Patriots, it's time to make your voice heard.

Stop the gun-grabbers now before it's too late.

Richard T. Seymour


State Fair safety

I'm writing this to you not only as a very concerned parent but as a witness to something that will affect me and others as long as we live or until it is changed.

I'm referring to the horrible and most terrifying incident at the State Fair located at Timonium, Aug. 28.

A dozen children rode what appeared to be a two-ton bumble bee that went up in the air about eight feet, filled with squeals, laughter and small hands waving from all sides at the moms and dads as cameras flashed all around.

At that very moment, all of the excitement and pleasure froze and the feelings of helplessness, fear and sadness overwhelmed you as one of the bees flipped out quicker than a blink of an eye, and you watched as two little forms fell head-first to the ground --stunned, bleeding and forever scarred from what was supposed to be one of the most fun days in their little lives.

My daughter, age 2, and son, 4, were just four bees behind the boys. In a split second I thought, it could have been mine.

Along with all the mothers and fathers who stood in fear, I leaped the fence, screaming "Turn off the ride!" and yanked our most precious gifts from what just a few minutes earlier was a cute, pleasing ride.

If Maryland law requires all children and adults to be in car seat-belts then why put our children on a ride where the only safety measures are a rope loosely hooked from one end of the bee to the other, and a bar connected on the left side of the ride and not the right. It moves upward and backward. Is this considered child safety?

I believe safety measures, stringent as laws, should be required on all children's rides. To prevent any further accidents, I recommend harnesses or a much more safe and secure way of buckling.

I find it inexcusable to blame a child for causing the accident by kicking the ''pin'' out. I don't believe adding one more pin is going to make much of a difference. If one can come out, who's to say two can't? Having three versus one inspection a day is not necessarily going to guarantee safety.

I would like to convey to the parents of the two boys my concern, prayers and wishes that they never have to endure this situation again. God Bless!

Liz Green


Clarence D. Long

Allow me to add my recollection of Rep. Clarence D. Long , who was a strong moral bulwark, a conscientious and efficient energy in Congress. He did answer every letter and communication promptly and efficiently.

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