Benny baker, 87, the baby-faced comedian whose slapstick...


September 27, 1994

Benny baker, 87, the baby-faced comedian whose slapstick and chubby cheeks took him from the vaudeville stage to Hollywood and Broadway, died Sept. 20 in Los Angeles. He began his career in vaudeville and burlesque in the 1920s and went on to a film career playing bellboys, telegram messengers and bank clerks in more than 75 films.

Michael Kermoyan, 73, who starred in a Broadway revival of "The King and I," died of cancer Sept. 21 in New York.

Mari Yoriko Sabusawa Michener, 74, wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist James Michener, died of cancer Sunday in Austin, Texas. She donated more than $100 million to such institutions as the University of Texas, the Iowa Writers Workshop and Swarthmore College. Born in 1920 to Japanese immigrants, she and her family were interned during World War II.

Mark Prudkin, 96, a stage and film star of the Soviet era, died Sunday in Moscow. His best-known role on screen and stage was Fyodor in Dostoevski's "The Brothers Karamazov."

Sheelah Ryan, 69, who won $55.2 million in the Florida lottery in 1988, then the largest single jackpot in the country, died of cancer Saturday in Winter Springs, Fla. She established the Ryan Foundation to help build low-cost housing in north-central Florida and pay overdue rent for single mothers. The organization's shelter program housed women and children and attempted to help them get back on their feet. It also provided senior citizens with grants for medical assistance, food and special needs.

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