3 inmates escape during transfer to GED program

September 27, 1994|By Kate Shatzkin | Kate Shatzkin,Sun Staff Writer

An article yesterday about inmate escapes from the Baltimore City Correctional Center incorrectly described the record of a prisoner who fled on Sept. 2. He had been convicted of battery and a handgun violation.

The Sun regrets the errors.

Three inmates ran away from correctional officers outside the Baltimore City Correctional Center yesterday afternoon, the second escape by inmates assigned to the minimum-security institution this month.

The prisoners were in a group of eight being escorted by two officers from the Greenmount Avenue prison to the nearby Occupational Skills Training Center when they bolted south on Greenmount just before 1 p.m., said Division of Correction spokeswoman Maxine Eldridge.


The inmates, who were to attend the first day of a GED program, were not restrained and were wearing civilian clothing, she said.

Officers alerted others to give chase, but the inmates got away, Ms. Eldridge said. The other five prisoners were taken to the training center without incident, Ms. Eldridge said.

Authorities identified the escapees as Daniel Hill, 19; Donald Watson, 20; and Antoine D. Burton, 19. Hill and Burton each were serving five-year sentences for armed robbery; Watson was serving five years for possession with intent to distribute drugs, Ms. Eldridge said.

Hill's last address was listed in the 2900 block of Oakhill Ave.; Burton's in the 3100 block of Sumter Ave.; and Watson's in the 2700 block of Reese St., all in Baltimore City.

On Sept. 2, a 22-year-old armed robbery convict escaped from a Division of Correction van that was returning him to the correctional center. He turned himself in to another downtown prison a week later.

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