Angelos, Fehr do lunch

September 25, 1994|By Tom Keegan

Orioles owner Peter Angelos originally had planned to spend yesterday afternoon in his law office, but he was elsewhere and unavailable for comment.

Where was he? Meeting with Players Association chief Donald Fehr for a lengthy lunch at Velleggia's in Little Italy.

Angelos, a longtime labor lawyer, has promised to take a more active role in stalled negotiations with the players.

"They were here from about 11:15 until about 3:15," said proprietor Naz Velleggia. "They were very quiet and congenial and never raised their voices."

Angelos ordered the chicken cacciatore. Fehr ordered the veal and broccoli in a white wine sauce.

Neither man threw his food at the other. Considering the state of baseball's labor negotiations, that only can be construed as a good sign.

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