25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 14-20, 1969):* The C&O and B&O...


September 25, 1994|By Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 14-20, 1969):

* The C&O and B&O Railroads announced plans for a railroad track and yard construction program that would link the G.E. Appliance Park East with the main railroad line at Jessup.

* For the first time in about five years, a Howard County police officer found it necessary to fire his service revolver in the line of duty. The officer fired at a car containing two youths who were fleeing the scene of a burglary.

50 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 17-23, 1944):

* The Reverend Michael E. Ryan, pastor of St. Paul's Catholic Church in Ellicott City, celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination. A reception for white parishioners was held Sunday night at the elementary school. Black parishioners attended a separate reception held the following evening.

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