Around the house* Protect window casings from damage...


September 24, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Protect window casings from damage caused by thumb tacks and nails used to secure tieback curtains. Stick adhesive-backed picture hooks to the edges of the window frames and slip tiebacks over the hooks.

* Make an easy window treatment for a bathroom. Select pillowcase that coordinates with shower curtain and other accessories. Measure window and choose best-sized case for window. Open up one seam; hem raw edges and sew a casing in one end of pillowcase (the other end will already be finished). Thread rod through casing, adjusting fullness of fabric.

* Avoid cluttering drawers and shelves. Stack bulky sweaters in plastic laundry baskets that can be stored on the floor of your closet.

* Lubricate garden tools with moving parts. Oil pivot points and hinged sections lightly; wipe off excess to avoid building up a sticky gum that will attract dirt.

* Disinfect rubber bath mat once a week. Turn mat over in bathtub, suction cups up, and pour liquid bleach onto the moldy spots. Use a long-handled brush to scrub around each cup and rinse.

* Vacuum draperies regularly. Folds in the fabric will catch dust that can weaken the fibers. And, the fabric will not have to be cleaned as often.

In the garden

* When pruning shrubs or weeding, place debris on an overturned trash can lid. Dump into can or compost pile when lid is full.

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