6 mids facing investigation in festival incident

September 23, 1994

Six Naval Academy midshipmen are being investigated for a weekend incident involving underage drinking, vandalism and theft of license plates and parking lot signs at the Renaissance Festival, academy officials said yesterday.

The accused midshipmen, five sophomores and a junior, may be disciplined for the incidents Saturday at the annual festival held in Crownsville.

Two midshipmen are being investigated in the thefts and all six are accused of alcohol violations.

Festival guards, who were off-duty county sheriffs, reported seeing two midshipmen in the parking lot acting suspiciously. The midshipmen fled when the guards approached.

The guards noticed that license plates were missing from several cars and others were bent, according to a sheriff's report.

The midshipmen were held by the guards, who found several license plates and street signs in their car, along with beer.

No charges were filed and an academy official took the midshipmen back to the academy.

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