California bound: Is the guv going to make a picture?

September 23, 1994|By SYLVIA BADGER

Hot news from Los Angeles that has nothing to do with O.J. Simpson.

Many have pondered what Gov. William Donald Schaefer will do when he's finally out of the political limelight. And it sounds like Linda Goldenberg, former Baltimorean now in Los Angeles as vice president of Public Relations for Morgan Creek Productions, may have found a new career for the guv. At an L.A. breakfast Tuesday, she announced Morgan Creek will be making six films next year and she was sure the governor would be in one of the films.

The governor, Lainy LeBow-Sachs, Mark Wasserman and Dean Kenderdine, led a contingent of Marylanders to L.A. on an economic mission that included a soiree Tuesday night on Pride of Baltimore II. The event was sponsored by the Producer's Club of Maryland, whose goal is to attract more film business to Maryland. The group received a lot of help in that effort from two prominent filmmakers and party co-hosts Jim Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, and Tom Rothman, president of Fox Searchlight Pictures, who flew in from Europe just for the party.

Among the Hollywood types who showed up were actress Jody Foster, who is also president of Egg Pictures; Stuart Whitman, actor; Tom Fontana, producer; Sam Weissman, director "D-2 The Mighty Ducks"; David Lynch, director; David Ward, director, "Major League II"; Peggy Rajski, producer "Little Man Tate"; Anthony Drazan, director; Deborah Miller, Ned Beatty's agent; Todd Smith, veep at Morgan Creek; Susan Moore and her director husband, Robert; and Constance McCashen, "Knot's Landing" actress;

Also on board was a large contingent of Marylanders who work in L.A. -- Mark Carliner, film producer, who is working on a George Wallace documentary and may make part of it in Maryland; Sylvia Mackey, model; Stanley Blum, president of Imagination Factory; Andy Coleman, producer; Harry Floyd, IATSE (a stage employees' and film technical workers' union) union rep; Richard Baker, Tim Allen's agent; Kathleen Kennedy, producer; Cindy LeJune, producer; Victor Bank, producer; Andy Naden, producer-director; Scott Henderson, William Morris agency and Bess Armstrong's agent; David Jacobs, creator-writer of such shows as "Dallas" and "Homefront"; Carol Yumkas, William Morris Agency, and her brother Mark Yumkas of Angel City Design, which coordinated the Pride party; and Jon Cordish of Seventh Art Releasing Co., which just released "Making Up," a top German film, in New York.

And a few of the Marylanders who went to the West Coast to see and be seen were Carol Ness, Central Casting Inc; Selia Blumenstein, Budger Rental; Lois and Michael Hodes; Producers Club; Jed Dietz, president Producers Club; Bruce Quackenbush, Pride's executive director; Scott Cohen, owner of theaters; Tom Kiefaber, owner of the Senator Theatre; Debbie Smith, owner the Tremont Hotel; Lee Rayburn, architect/developer; Stuart Cooper and Greg Mason, two local film producers; Blair Barton, publisher of Maryland Production Guide; Vince Clews, local producer; Scott Harbinson, IATSE; and David Cordish, Cordish Co.

Nothing solid, yet, but rumor is that another major film will be made in Maryland next spring.

Boys will be boys!

In a startling tennis upset win over Charles Obrecht, Hal Donofrio became the first unseeded player to topple Obrecht, since Hal's victory over him in the same Baltimore County Club Grass Courts Invitational in 1990.

A sparse crowd witnessed the classic rematch, where Donofrio's 11 aces to Obrecht's 2, and his aggressive net play brought Obrecht down 6-2, 6-3. I am told the match lasted only 66 minutes and most were stunned by Donofrio's swiftness. Eugene Milbourn, University of Baltimore professor, sat in the referee's chair.

Media personality

Eddie Applefeld just returned from a cruise on the Mississippi Queen, where he said the food was so plentiful people go on as passengers and come off as cargo.

He called to tell me he'd met members of the B&D Social Club from Catonsville -- Howard and Becky McNamara, Howard and Jean Walsh, Elliott and Janet Storch, Louis and Dorothy Fleming, Roland and Virginia Meade, and Walter and Marian Riedel, who take annual trips together.

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