Principal hurt in scuffle with student

September 22, 1994

The principal of Glen Burnie High School was cut on the head Monday morning during a scuffle with a former student who allegedly was trespassing on school grounds, county police said yesterday.

Dr. Oliver Wittig, 57, did not require hospitalization for his injuries. He told police that a 19-year-old and his 20-year-old brother came to the school shortly after 10 a.m. Paul Kriewald, an assistant principal, confronted the two on the parking lot because he knew they were not students. The pair continued walking into the school, police said.

When they got to the auditorium, Dr. Wittig asked one of them why they were in the school. The youth said he was there to see his girlfriend and tried to walk past Dr. Wittig. When Dr. Wittig put his hand on the youth's shoulder to stop him, the suspect spit on him, police said.

Dr. Wittig and Mr. Kriewald wrestled with the youth. He eventually calmed down, but ran when the men loosened their grip. His brother walked back to the parking lot and disappeared.

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