Ellicott City: 7200 block of Montgomery Road...


September 22, 1994


* Ellicott City: 7200 block of Montgomery Road: Thieves broke into several stores in a shopping center early Sunday. Cash and clothing were taken from Joy Cleaners after someone twisted off a dead-bolt lock in the front door. Someone also twisted off the dead-bolt lock of a front door at a Hi-Gear store, entered and tried to pry open a safe, but nothing was taken. The front glass door of Canine & Kitty was smashed and the store entered.

4900 block of Ilchester Road: A videocassette recorder and stereo were stolen from the Trinity School after someone pried a rear door Monday, police said.

* Elkridge: 6800 block of U.S. 1: Power tools were taken from a construction site after someone cut padlocks off four construction trailers Friday, police said.

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