September 20, 1994|By George Neff Lucas

"Let's wait till next year" is the goal

Of Republican strategist Dole;

He'd not legislate

But procrastinate

Till election returns call the roll.

* * * The urban crime threat is so stark

You can't take a walk in the park;

XTC Though not a cure-all,

Midnight basketball

Is a less lethal shot in the dark.

* * Bob, Orrin, Alfonse, Jesse, Phil

Are only five senators -- still

Each one direly dotes

On the 41 votes

That can kill a Bill bill on the Hill.

* * * As long as its denizens double,

The earth's in deep crowd-control trouble,

But the Vatican ain't

Condoning restraint --

The Pope should look down from the Hubble.

* * With due retroactive disgust,

Tradition demands Agnew must

Be given a home

'Neath the Capitol dome

Appropriately as a bust.

* * * In shape Al was playing to keep,

Perhaps with a Jordan-like leap,

When a tendon was rent

Which unluckily meant

No tie-breaking chance for the veep.

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