Council decides to compromise in salary dispute

September 20, 1994|By Liz Atwood | Liz Atwood,Sun Staff Writer

Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins and the Annapolis Board of Aldermen reached a compromise yesterday on the salary of the city's public information officer.

After meeting in closed session, the council voted 9-2 to appoint Thomas Roskelly to the position at a salary of $49,039 -- nearly $8,000 more than what the council had voted to pay in June, but more than $10,000 less than what the mayor wanted to pay him.

Democratic Aldermen Carl O. Snowden of Ward 5 and Shepard Tullier of Ward 4 voted against the appointment.

Mr. Snowden said he believed that the council should have stayed with the lower salary out of principle. "Once you strike a budget, that's what you ought to do," he said.

When the council adopted its budget in June, it abolished Mr. Roskelly's old position of director of public information and tourism, which paid $59,609. The council voted to create a new position of public information officer with a salary of $41,126.

Mr. Hopkins tried to appoint Mr. Roskelly to the new position with his old salary, but an independent counsel ruled that the mayor lacked the authority to do so.

Yesterday, Mr. Hopkins said he considered Mr. Roskelly's appointment a victory because it allows him to keep the man he wants in the job.

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