Union Bridge water is safe, officials say

September 19, 1994

Union Bridge officials announced Friday that recent tests show nitrate levels in the town's water supply are again within the limit set by the state.

"We just want everyone to know that the water is safe," said Kathleen D. Kreimer, the town's clerk-treasurer.

In June, parents were urged to buy bottled water for children under 6 months of age after it was reported that the levels of nitrate exceeded the 10 milligrams per liter standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Because the levels were only slightly above the limit, adults and children over 6 months were not at risk.

Mrs. Kreimer said recent tests by the state showed the levels at 7.9 milligrams and 8.1 milligrams per liter.

"We have been working closely with the state Department of the Environment and will continue to monitor [the levels] monthly," she said.

Nitrate is used in fertilizers and is found in sewage and waste from humans and farm animals.

Symptoms that may result from nitrate ingestion include shortness of breath and blueness of the skin.


* Frizzellburg: Pleasant Valley responded to a call of wires down in the 1800 block of Old Taneytown Road at 3:09 a.m. yesterday. They remained on the site for 61 minutes until a utility repair crew arrived.

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