25 Years Ago* John W. Reaver moved slowly to his feet...


September 18, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* John W. Reaver moved slowly to his feet. "Who'll give me $2, $2 . . ." he bleated with strong, rapid tones. It was his birthday, and for a newspaperman he was demonstrating how he used to auctioneer in the good old days a few decades ago. This day, he became 101 years old. John Reaver, who spent a lifetime at farming, auctioneering and seven years as a commissioner for Carroll County, says, "When you get 100, that's old. After that, time passes slow." Last year, at the age of 100, he received 224 cards, Reaver recalled. This year, he had received 25 cards. "They cut the old man out," he said, with humor. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 4, 1969.

75 Years Ago

* The continual arrests of the owners of traction engines for operating them over the state roads in going from farm to farm to thresh grain resulted in a meeting of a large number of farmers and threshermen at Davis Hall in Westminster on Saturday night last, and the formation of an organization called "The Threshermen and Farmers Protective Association of Carroll County." The contention of Colonel Baughman, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, is that he has the right to prevent traction engines and tractors going on the state roads until their driving wheels are equipped with fillers between the cleats, making a smooth wheel. The threshermen and farmers contend that it is impossible to operate over our hills without cleats. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Sept. 5, 1919.

100 Years Ago

* A very happy and pleasant party was handsomely entertained at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hunt, Hampstead, on Saturday evening last. The festivities were of the usual character and the refreshments abundant and elegant. -- American Sentinel, Sept. 1, 1894.

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