Milton J. Mekins Sr.Volunteer work: Mr. Mekins is the...


September 18, 1994|By Kevin Harrison

Milton J. Mekins Sr.

Volunteer work: Mr. Mekins is the chief and vice president of the Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department in Pasadena.

About the volunteer: After Fire Department volunteers from Glen Burnie helped save his son's life in 1968, Mr. Mekins decided to join their ranks.

After two years with the Glen Burnie Volunteer Fire Department, he transferred to Lake Shore near his home in 1973.

A member of Lake Shore for 22 years, Mr. Mekins has completed more than 45 training courses in firefighting, emergency medicine and administration.

In the early 1970s, he became one of the first county volunteers to be trained as an Emergency Medical Technician.

When he isn't at the firehouse, Mr. Mekins is a chief technical inspector for the state Mass Transit Administration.

He has lived in the county for more than 45 years. An active member of Anchor Baptist Church in Pasadena, he has umpired for Lake Shore Little League and served with the American Red Cross Disaster Team for two years.

His daughter Peggy Mekins nominated her father for the 1994 Governor's Volunteer Award. "From the beginning of my father's career in the volunteer Fire Department, his constant ability to succeed has become one of total commitment and devotion," she says.

Volunteer's comments: "I really believe that I owe my son's life to the ambulance that came and I let everyone know that it was a volunteer ambulance and crew from Glen Burnie Volunteer Fire Department. My wife and I will never be able to repay these individuals.

"Any volunteer firefighter . . . is worth their weight in gold. They feel good about what they're doing and just naturally like to help other people.

"I'm proud of my achievements but I think that holds true of any volunteer in any field -- the Red Cross, school, the library . . . it's very satisfying when somebody recognizes you."

About the organization: The Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department, with headquarters on Mountain Road, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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