25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 7-13, 1969):* It was announced...


September 18, 1994|By Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

25 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 7-13, 1969):

* It was announced that a black history Social Studies curriculum would be in place in Howard public schools starting in the fall of 1970. The program would span kindergarten through 12th grade.

* It was learned that Howard County police were nurturing an 8-foot tall marijuana plant behind police headquarters. The purpose of the plant, confiscated by police in a raid the previous spring, was strictly educational: to teach officers to recognize it.

50 Years Ago (Week of Sept. 10-16, 1944):

* The Patapsco National Bank on Main Street in Ellicott City announced that it had been authorized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond to cash series A, B, C, D and E U.S. Savings Bonds. (The Patapsco National Bank occupied the building that is now Banker's Galleria.)

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