Pictures Perfect

September 18, 1994|By Mike Gluck

A successful photo contest depends on successfu photographers. Lots of them. The more entries we receive, the better chance we have of finding shots that stand out from the crowd.

This year, it was the crowd that stood out. How do we know? Bulk. Pure bulk. We thought we'd count this year's entries with a calculator. We ended up using a scale.

How many entries were there, you ask?

Oh, only about 20 pounds' worth.

It may not sound like much compared to the weight of your Nikon F4S with zoom lens and tripod, but think of it this way:

2 1/2 pounds of birthday parties.

Three pounds of sandy shores.

Five and a half pounds of sunsets.

And 9 pounds of smiles.

So you can understand how difficult it was for our judges, members of The Sun's photography and design staffs, to select this year's winning photos. They had to choose the best color and black-and-white photographs in our three main categories -- landscape, portrait and abstract/still life. And they had to select a single winner in the under-16 category. All from hundreds upon hundreds of entries.

Winners received $250 each, and the best among these received the additional grand prize of $1,000. Winning shots taken on Kodak film and printed on Kodak paper have been entered in the 1994 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards (KINSA) competition, which offers $52,500 in cash prizes. We'll let you know if the KINSA judges pick any of The Sun's entries as

winners in that nationwide contest.

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