Around the house* Anchor curling area rugs. Fasten a piece...


September 17, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Anchor curling area rugs. Fasten a piece of linoleum under each corner with a fabric adhesive.

* Use the wide part of the ironing board when pressing curtains, tablecloths or other large pieces of fabric, so you can iron a larger area.

* Remove grime from countertop grout. Moisten a dry sponge or clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe between tiles.

* Reinforce tissue-paper sewing patterns with iron-on interfacing. Patterns will be sturdy and pliable.

In the garden

* Scrub flowerpots and containers thoroughly before storing. Clean pots will discourage disease and insects that can affect plants. Save shards from broken pots. The pieces can be placed in the bottom of containers to provide adequate drainage for next year's plants.

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