Donald Schaefer wasn't the only voter left...


September 16, 1994

GOV. WILLIAM Donald Schaefer wasn't the only voter left waiting for his polling place to open on Tuesday. Across Baltimore City many polling places opened late because the one Democratic election judge and one Republican election judge as required by law weren't on hand, said Barbara E. Jackson, the Baltimore elections board administrator.

For some unexplained reason on Tuesday, a large number of election judges -- at least 100 -- failed to show up at their assigned polls.

The board of elections had 45 stand-by election judges on hand, Ms. Jackson said, and all were dispatched in cabs to polling places that called for help.

At one West Baltimore precinct the call went out for a Republican judge about 7 a.m. A half hour later, the stand-by judge who showed up was disheveled, apparently disoriented and was identified by some as a downtown panhandler.

When asked about him, Ms. Jackson said for Republican judges sometimes "We have to take whoever we can get. With Democrats we can be a little more selective."

* * *

HOTLINE, the daily electronic roundup of political reporting, celebrated its birthday yesterday with a roundup of headlines from its previous birthdays:

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Vol. 4 No. 1: Claytie Williams (R) opens up 48-33 percent lead over Ann Richards in Texas governor's race (9/90).

Vol. 3 No. 1: Ethics agenda moves from S&Ls to sex with scrutiny on Barney Frank, Buzz Lukens & Jim Bates (9/89).

Vol. 2 No. 1: The HOTLINE/KRC tracking poll has Bush over Dukakis by more than margin of error for first time (9/88).

Vol. 1 No. 1: Pat Robertson announces presidential candidacy (9/87).

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