DNA tests said to point to Simpson

September 16, 1994|By Los Angeles Daily News

LOS ANGELES -- Final results of DNA testing sent to the prosecution and the defense team in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman show that some blood drops at the crime scene appear to match O.J. Simpson's, a source close to the investigation confirmed yesterday.

A hair found on Mr. Goldman at the scene, meanwhile, is being tested to see whether it came from Mr. Simpson, according to the source.

Mr. Simpson is in jail awaiting trial on charges he killed his ex-wife and her friend on June 12 outside Nicole Simpson's Brentwood condominium.

Officials with the District Attorney's Office declined to comment on the test results and hair sample.

"I know nothing about it and couldn't say anything even if I did," said Suzanne Childs, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office.

Defense attorneys did not return phone calls seeking comment.

DNA tests are under way at two laboratories. The results sent to both sides show an apparent match between Mr. Simpson's blood and drops found near the bodies, the source said.

The genetic tests appear to confirm preliminary results reported last month by prosecutors.

Other results, however, came back with inconclusive findings, the source said.

Because there are no known eyewitnesses and no weapon used in the killings has been recovered, the prosecution has had to rely on other forms of physical evidence, including blood types and DNA results.

The hair sample, meanwhile, could link Mr. Simpson -- a former pro football star -- to Mr. Goldman at the scene.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the hair came from an African-American. Earlier, authorities said they had found some hairs from an African-American in a knit cap recovered at the scene.

Mr. Simpson will be back in court Monday for pretrial hearings including defense motions to throw out much of the evidence and a prosecution request to sequester the jury.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Sept. 26 at the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles.

In other developments yesterday, prosecutors filed their response to a motion by Simpson attorneys to suppress evidence. But the document was filed under seal, in accordance with an order by Superior Court Judge Lance Ito.

ABC-TV's "PrimeTime Live," meanwhile, broadcast an interview with Nicole Simpson's mother, Juditha Brown, who said she asked O.J. Simpson "Did you do it?" at her daughter's funeral.

"No, I loved your daughter," Mr. Simpson told Juditha Brown.

The Associated Press reported that Mr. Simpson has begun liquidating the more than half a million dollars in stock he acquired while serving on four corporate boards.

Last week, Mr. Simpson disclosed that he had sold $270,000 of stock in Cyrk Inc., a maker of promotional T-shirts, caps, bags, jackets and the like, for a pretax profit of $150,000.

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