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September 16, 1994|By Holton F. Brown


The Baltimore area's Korean community will be conducting the city's last ethnic festival of '94 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow at Hopkins Plaza.

Attractions will range from tai kwon do demonstrations to colorfully costumed dancers to a variety of food. If you feel really adventurous, test kimchi (pickled cabbage). Other less potent food includes squid; gapchae noodles; kalbi, or seasoned pork ribs; and bukoki kalbi, prime rib in a garlic soy sauce.


The Baltimore Museum of Industry will be the host for a demonstration of violin construction at 2 p.m. Sunday by David Wang, owner of the Peabody Violin Shop in Baltimore, and James Cox, an instrument maker.

Mr. Wang will play an unvarnished violin, showing the difference in tone. Mr. Cox will disassemble the violin, explaining how each part contributes to the sound the instrument produces.

The museum is at 1415 Key Highway. Admission to the museum is nominal.


Two days of volleyball at Rash Field and three days of the third annual Charm City Fair at Inner Harbor-East, President and Fleet streets. are on the calendar for next weekend. Details in next week's column.

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