Grambling QB Nord opened with a bang

September 15, 1994|By PHIL JACKMAN

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Quick, somebody check out the calculator attached to the scoreboard out at Memorial Stadium. Grambling comes to town Saturday to play Morgan State in the Pepsi Challenge and its quarterback, Kendrick Nord, threw for a cool 485 yards (and seven TDs) in his team's opening 62-56 victory over favored Alcorn State. Two of his targets combined for 13 catches, 300 yards and six scores.

Legendary Grambling coach Eddie Robinson says, "I'm excited about playing Morgan State, because we've had a great series and there have been a lot of great players in this game. Fans will get a real show in this one."

The Tigers lead the series, 14-2, all their wins coming consecutively since 1968, the memorable Yankee Stadium struggle that Morgan State won, 9-7, thanks to Raymond Chester.

* Maryland's new athletic director Debbie Yow must hate to go to sleep. Every morning she wakes up to her department's money deficit going up a couple hundred thou. Latest word is number $7 million is written in red.

* Did you see where Tonya Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly has opted for a boot camp stint in hopes of shortening his prison sentence for supposedly masterminding the attack on Nancy Kerrigan? Still, it would be ill-advised for him to pick a fight with Tonya when he gets out, no matter how well he scores in unarmed combat sessions.

* Maybe John McEnroe has mellowed after all. First, he was in Pam Shriver's Charity Tennis Classic at the Glass Menagerie (Arena) Sept. 29, then out and now he's back in. Thing is, for years he didn't hide his dislike for Pam, never bothering to disclose the reasons. Beneficiary of the event, also featuring Jim Courier and Todd Martin, is the Baltimore Community Foundation.

* Another one of those silly surveys has come to the conclusion that the most expensive pro sport for a family of four to attend is an NFL game. A firm called Team Marketing concludes the average to be $184.18, with a trip to the 'Stick for a 49ers game topping out at $236.

The NBA average is $168.78 while ex-commissioner Bowie Kuhn's boast that baseball is the best deal remains true since the cost now stands at $0.

And another recent survey uncovered that 2,000 typical Americans (87 percent) have come to the conclusion that professional athletes are overpaid. Previous surveys showed a similar result, but they keep asking anyway.

* How good was Ike Williams, the longtime lightweight champ who passed on at age 71 last week. In the heyday of boxing on TV (the early '50s), Ike was as solid as the 135-pound champ as Kid Gavilan was at 147, Sugar Ray Robinson at 160 and Joey Maxim at 175. That's back when there were only seven champs from 118 pounds to heavyweight. Kids, ask your dad about it.

* Most guys would be too red-faced to admit they were too drunk to realize what they were doing while gambling at an Atlantic City casino. Not former Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose, who continues to try to recoup some of his extensive losses ($3 million) through the courts.

* It borders on unbelievable that folks who run the facility, the city of Seattle or the State of Washington would consider pouring what, $100 million, into fixing up and refurbishing the Kingdome. The place is a dive and always has been and the Mariners have been screaming for a baseball-only park for years.

* A 15-year-old high school sophomore, working the first shift at McDonald's, and the restaurant's manager partnered up in roller skating two years ago. In the last few months, they finished second at a national pairs competition, then took the gold at a world-class test in Mexico City. Where do Shawn Cooper and Jennifer Denton go from here?

* Somebody remind Andre Agassi that Bjorn Borg invented that drop to the knees and hail the tennis gods with the first of his five Wimbledon titles five years ago and, since "image is everything," Andre shouldn't go around playing the part of a copycat. Whipping out an electric razor for a quick shave would be novel, and probably would lead to a commercial or two.

* Valdosta (Ga.) High leads the nation's high schools in football victories (709), yet has played about a hundred games less than Boston English and Boston Latin, which staged their first game the day after the Mayflower pulled up anchor in Plymouth Harbor.

* Seriously now, is it really that big a deal when a football player (Atlanta's Andre Rison) guarantees a victory over an opponent? Especially if that opponent is dogmeat (the Rams)?

* Florida State's a 38-point favorite against Wake Forest Saturday. Do I hear 40? 45?

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