2 men arrested, charged with transporting 2 guns

September 15, 1994

PASADENA — Eastern District officers arrested two men Friday night after they found two handguns and a stun gun in a truck registered to one of them on the parking lot of Chesterfield Plaza, county police said.

Officer Bernard Watson and Officer Paul Grossman drove to the parking lot shortly after 11 p.m. after an anonymous caller complained of some men with a handgun. They saw one man standing outside a 1994 red Ford pickup truck and another man sitting inside. The truck was registered to the man standing outside, who gave the officers permission to search the vehicle. The officers found a duffel bag inside with an unloaded .45-caliber semiautomatic and a .380-caliber semiautomatic with two rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The passenger admitted both guns were his and said they were registered, police said. The officers found the stun gun inside the glove compartment, which the owner of the truck admitted was his, police said.

Michael W. Brockwell, 21, of the 600 block of Wood St., Brooklyn

Park, and William C. Turner, 22, of the 7600 block of Third St., Pasadena, were each charged with transporting a handgun in a vehicle. Mr. Brockwell also was charged with possession of a stun gun, police said.

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