Baseball Strike Day 34

September 14, 1994

News of the day

Saving the World Series seemed to be less important yesterday than how to announce its demise.

By fax? By telephone conference call?

Acting commissioner Bud Selig reviewed a draft news release and sent a draft resolution to owners, baseball sources said. He scheduled a conference call for 2 p.m. today; sources said that's when owners would make a formal decision on the season.

"It would take a major miracle to salvage any part of the balance of this season or the postseason," Rockies owner Jerry McMorris said.

Also, Sen. Howard Metzenbaum failed to get the U.S.

Senate to consider a bill he said would end the strike when the measure to modify the antitrust exemption was killed.

Games lost

Fourteen games were canceled yesterday. The total number missed is 420. Only 249 remain.


"I told him if he wanted to pull down the World Series, that was Bud Selig's responsibility, not mine." -- Union director Donald Fehr, on his telephone conversation with the acting commissioner

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