Man arrested in theft of cameras from store

September 14, 1994

An officer patrolling the light rail Friday morning arrested a man on charges that he had stolen two cameras from the McCrory's store at the Cromwell Field Shopping Center, county police said.

Officer Michael Mulford was checking tickets on the light rail train at 11:30 a.m. when he saw a man suddenly get up and leave the train. Officer Mulford stopped the man and asked if he had a ticket. The man showed him one dated Sept. 2, police said.

Officer Mulford then asked about the bulge in the man's waist band. At that point, the man pulled out two Keystone Easyshot cameras and told the officer he had found them in a trash can, police said.

Officer Mulford checked several stores in the shopping center and learned that McCrory's was missing two Keystone Easyshot cameras worth a total of $50.

Ronald Willard Martin, 42, of the 700 block of Round Road in Baltimore was then arrested and charged with theft under $300, police said.

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