William J. Obanhein, 69, whose arrest of a teen-age Arlo...


September 14, 1994

William J. Obanhein, 69, whose arrest of a teen-age Arlo Guthrie brought him fame as "Officer Obie" in the Guthrie anti-war ballad "Alice's Restaurant," died Sunday of heart disease in Stockbridge, Mass. The gruff-voiced, former police chief, who worked for the Stockbridge police force for 34 years, was a model for several Norman Rockwell paintings and Saturday Evening Post covers. He played himself in the movie about the arrest of Mr. Guthrie for littering on Thanksgiving Day 1965.

Dr. Vernon N. Houk, 64, a former director of the National Center for Environmental Health who was instrumental in banning lead from gasoline, died of cancer Sunday in Atlanta. He also was among the scientists who recommended in the early 1980s that Times Beach, Mo., be evacuated because it was heavily contaminated with the toxic chemical dioxin.

Sara Taylor, 99, the mother of actress Elizabeth Taylor, died Sunday in Palm Springs, Calif. The former Sara Warmbrodt was a stage actress who used the name Sara Sothern before her marriage.

Boris Yegorov, 57, one of the first Soviet cosmonauts, died of a heart attack yesterday in Moscow. A professor of medicine, he participated in the seventh manned Soviet flight into space on Oct. 12-13, 1964, aboard the Voskhod space ship. He was the ship's medic.

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