WMAR dumps the unsuccessful 'Conan O'Brien'

September 14, 1994|By Howard Henry Chen | Howard Henry Chen,Sun Staff Writer

Conan . . . Conan . . . Conan . . . he's gone.

WMAR (Channel 2) has dropped the "Conan O'Brien Show" from its late-night lineup, with last Monday night's program being the last broadcast. Jon Stewart's syndicated talk show slipped into the old 12:30 p.m. time slot starting last night, according to WMAR General Manager Joe Lewin.

"[Conan] really hasn't done that well in this market," said Mr. Lewin. "We gave the show every opportunity -- we gave it the time slot, we promoted it -- it just wasn't going to make it."

Tonight's show would have marked one year since Mr. O'Brien's cherubic face and red hair first appeared on Channel 2. Since the beginning, neither critics nor the public have exactly embraced the former writer for "Saturday Night Live" and "The Simpsons."

"NBC really seems willing to give him every opportunity." said Mr. Lewin. "But I don't think a lot of stations believe he's a longtime player. It just wasn't happening."

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