Team-by-team Capsules

September 13, 1994|By Rick Belz

Atholton Raiders

2 Hammond has the potential for a 10-win season.

Howard Lions

Coach: Dave Kelley (second year)

1993 record: 5-6, 3-4.

Top players: Mike Green, Jr., D; Joel Sackett, Sr., GK; Chris Folkemyer, Sr., M; Bryon Dietzel, Sr., D; Peter Bachman, Jr., M; Chris Dodson, Sr., F; Mike Bagrosky, Sr., F; Chris Berwind, Soph., M; Dan Miller, Soph., M; Jim Milne, Sr., F.

Outlook: The Lions should be the second-best county team behind Centennial and have the potential to upset the Eagles. But the Lions scored only 22 goals last season and need substantial scoring improvement to succeed.

Forwards Dodson (3, 4) and Bagrosky (4 goals) had sub-par seasons and if they step up anything is possible for Howard. Green (5, 2), the sweeper, has the tools to be a great player.

The Lions also need help from two big sophomore fullbacks, Brian Baham and Charlie Hlass.

"We'll be young in back and need Sackett to pull it together," Kelley said.

Midfielders Folkemyer and Bachman also need to repeat their strong seasons.

Mount Hebron Vikings

Coach: Kevin Good (third year)

1993 record: 4-8, 1-6.

Top players: Scott Baughman, Sr., F; Gordon Overbey, Sr., F; Mike Stromberg, Soph., D; Pat Halter, Soph., D; Brian Slater, Jr. M; Brian Dempsey, Jr., M; Terrence Buckley, Jr. D; Shane Ardo, Sr. GK; Jason Reese, Jr. D; Tim Deppen, Jr., M; Rob Graham, Soph., D.

Outlook: Look for tremendous improvement defensively. The Vikings could cut the number of goals allowed from 40 to 25 and turn last season's record around. Ardo, Reese, Stromberg, Buckley and Graham give the Vikings a whole new defensive look.

The Vikings are on the verge of a turnaround season. This could be it.

Oakland Mills Scorpions

Coach: Don Shea

1993 record: 6-5-2, 2-4-1.

Top players: Keith Murphy, Sr., D; Kevin Gardner, Sr., M; Mike Jenkins, Sr., M; Chris Miller, Jr., D; Zuri Barnes, Jr. M/F; Matt Cartwright, Sr., F; Joey Mitchell, Jr., M; Dan Stoutenborough, Jr., M; Jason Gotis, Soph. F; Matt Sutton, Sr., M; Simon Bwalya, Jr., D/F; Aaron Dane, Sr., GK; Kyle Stephens, Sr., GK; Luke Tourtlotte, Jr., D.

Outlook: The Scorpions have struggled for two of the past three seasons, and some say the talent that has produced seven state championship teams finally has dried up.

This year's team faces an even greater challenge since nearly every other county team is peaking this season after undergoing transition seasons last year.

Oakland Mills has a large returning cast and enough talent to improve upon last season, especially upon its 2-4-1 league record. When they can bounce back to state championship contention, however, is tough to gauge right now.

Wilde Lake Wildecats

Coach: Dave Nesbitt.

1993 record: 9-5-2, 3-2-2.

Top players: Jeff Curtis, Sr., D; Gavin Philip, Sr., M; Brandon Haus, Sr., D; Jeremy Young, Jr., D; Chad Whipkey, Sr., D; Josh Briefel, Sr., D; John Beakes, Sr., GK; Mike Riismandel, Jr., M; David Briefel, Soph., M; Lars Berg, Fr., D; Saah Solee, Soph., F; Jason Cohen, Jr. F.

Outlook: Wilde Lake returned all of its defense and should be able to make another run at a Class 1A title if Solee and Cohen can score some goals.

Nesbitt has a strong group of freshmen that he is keeping down on the junior varsity, but should the Wildecats participate in the playoffs, they might help out at the end of the season.

Curtis is a returning All-County player and leader.

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