Baltimore City Team-by-team

September 13, 1994|By Jeff Seidel

Archbishop Curley

1993 record: 16-0-1. Coach: Pep Perrella.

Top players: Mike Bailey, Sr., M; Steve Ball, Sr., F; Greg Loftus, Sr., D; Giuliano Celenza, So., F; Ryan Hax, Sr., M.

Outlook: Curley won the then-Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference title last year outright for the first time in 25 years, and the Friars have lots of talent returning. The midfield and forward line, led by Bailey (first-team All- Metro), Ball and Celenza (both second-team picks), should be potent once more. Graduation took three of four starters on defense, and that's Perrella's biggest worry.

Boys' Latin Lakers

1993 record: 7-7-2. Coach: Butch Maisel.

Top players: Jason Quenzer, Sr., HB/F; Chris Turner, Sr., F; Mike Smith, Sr., HB; David Rose, So.; HB; John Glatzel, So., HB/FB.

Outlook: Moving back to the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference (from the A Conference) should make life easier for the Lakers, who know how to score. Quenzer and Turner were the top two scorers a year ago and will again provide punch. The defense, having lost every starter, could cause trouble. Still, the Lakers should challenge for the top spot of Division II.

Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders

1993 record: 11-4. Coach: Roch DeFrances.

Top players: Aaron Coleman, Jr., M; James Urban, Jr., M; Colin Moorehouse, Jr., M; Tim Forrest, Sr., D; Rick Fuller, Sr., G.

Outlook: The Crusaders are trying to rebuild after losing several key players. The midfield, led by Coleman, Urban and Moorehouse, should be strong. Even though only two seniors are starting, there's a good crop of underclassmen waiting.

City Knights

1993 record: 11-2. Coach: George Sfikas.

Top players: Harvey Dennie, Sr., Str.; Chris Cranson, Sr., F; Hermes Bojaxhi, Sr., D; Dwight Smith, Sr., D.

Outlook: City, which won the city title last year and made the state playoffs, has an interesting mix. The Knights have several experienced seniors, but may start four freshmen. The Knights scored 80 goals last year and should do more of the same this season behind Cranson (22 goals last year) and Dennie.

Friends Quakers

1993 record: 14-5. Coach: Pieter DeSmit.

Top players: Trevor Soponis, Sr., Stop.; Anders Selhorst, Sr., M; Zach Niman, Sr., HB; Adam Dougherty, Sr., Str.; Taylor Smith, Sr., Str.; Josh Salcman, Sr., FB.

Outlook: It's a rebuilding year for the Quakers, who also moved from the A to B Conference. Depth will be a problem because the Quakers lost 10 starters to graduation. But talent remains, and DeSmit hopes young players develop quickly.

@Gilman Greyhounds

1993 record: 11-6-1. Coach: John Tucker.

Top players: Corey Popham, Sr., M; Mat Woodward, Sr., F; Jay Homa, Jr., M; Steve Burlingame, Sr., M; Yani Rosenberg, Jr., D.

Outlook: The Greyhounds bring back seven starters from the team that made the then-Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference semifinals. Tucker said the team should keep improving, and he hopes to challenge for the A Conference title this year. Popham and Woodward should key an offense that can score, while the defense will be hurt by inexperience.

Lake Clifton Lakers

1993 record: 0-10. Coach: Martin Church.

Top players: Prince Coleman, Sr., Str.; Dennis Blunt, So., Str.; Khalid Jaffra, So., G; Bernard Bell, So., D.

Outlook: Church continues his rebuilding process, with 10 freshmen among the 16 players. They'll gain experience -- but it will be the hard way. Church said the team works hard and talent is there, but the best times are a few years away.

Mervo Mustangs

1993 record: 1-9. Coach: Gene Schoene.

Top players: Monte Riley, Sr., M; Max Lyttle, Sr., Str.; Mike Stroh, Sr., M; Joe Cole, Sr., M; Tony Culotta, Jr., FB.

Outlook: The Mustangs should do better this season because seven starters return with a year's more experience. Lyttle should spark the offense, which has talent. Defense and depth could give Schoene some headaches, and the Mustangs must avoid the second-half collapses that happened often last year.

Mount St. Joseph Gaels

1993 record: 10-9-1. Coach: Barry Fitzpatrick.

Top players: Greg Bronico, Sr., FB; Greg Suekoff, Sr., G; David Jones, Jr., HB; Sean Endler, Jr., Str.

Outlook: Graduation was not kind to the Gaels, who have nine new starters this year. Suekoff will anchor the defense with Bronico's help. Many on offense did well on junior varsity but are inexperienced at this level. The talent is there, but needs time to develop.

Patterson Clippers

1993 record: 8-2-1. Coach: Derek Maki.

Top players: Charles Bates, Jr., F; Craig Monath, Sr., M; Steve Reppas, Sr., G; Tom Karanikolis, Jr., M; Guillermo Pineda, Fr., F.

Outlook: Graduation stung the Clippers, who were second in the city and extended Dulaney into overtime before losing in the first round of the state playoffs. Reppas has started since his freshman year and will be a big plus. The Clippers should run and score a lot, but there are nine new players and inexperience could hurt in several spots.

Poly Engineers

1993 record: 6-3-1. Coach: John Baumann.

Top players: Michael Alt, Sr., Str., Javier Elola, Sr., Str.; Steve Worrell, Sr., M; Nick Fowler, So., M; Nick Dorr., So., Swe.

Outlook: This remains a young team, but one that keeps getting better. Elola, who came to Poly this year, has a powerful shot and could be a real find for the offense. The defense is young and unproven in spots. The Engineers should challenge for the ** city title (third last year) and a state playoff spot once again.

Southern Bulldogs

1993 record: 4-6. Coach: Bob Collier.

Top players: Joseph Turner, Sr., F/G; Kenny Zellers, So.; D/G; Dave Dixon, So., F; Eric Jacobson, Sr., F; Chuck Allen, Fr., HB.

Outlook: Southern lost several players from last year's playoff team, but the multi-talented Turner (leading scorer and can play goalie) will be back. The Bulldogs will be young, but still have talent.

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