THOUGHTS for the day:"Inequality exists. So do...


September 13, 1994

THOUGHTS for the day:

"Inequality exists. So do discrimination and sexism. A true power feminism would urge women to stand their ground and fight against the individuals who commit these offenses. A truly new feminism would recognize an old truth: the man who does not take his female co-worker seriously because of her sex is a jerk, not a part of systematic oppression of women by the 'opposition.' "

-- Karina Rollins in The Public Interest, Summer 1994.

* * *

FILM and TV superstar Mary Tyler Moore is so disgusted by fur that she shipped her sable coat and hat to PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] to use in its war on fur!

"We took the coat to an appraiser -- and were we flabbergasted when he said it was worth $114,000!

"We asked what we should do with Ms. Moore's gift. Your overwhelming response? Paint it to use at demonstrations against fur!

"So we did. First, we shaved the coat's back. The we had artist Lisa Vallez paint a beautiful animal's face above our slogan, 'There's No Excuse for Wearing Fur.'

"Don't you agree the coat's a smashing weapon for PETA's war against fur?

"You're making a difference if you:

* Use YOUR creativity to transform a fur coat into a compassionate statement. The, when the weather turns chilly, wear it proudly!"

-- PETA's Animal Times August/September 1994.

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