Baltimore City Team-by-team

September 12, 1994|By Mike Frainie and Kiah Stokes

Bryn Mawr Martians

1993 record: 8-3. Coach: Annemarie Merows.

Top players: Rhonda Smith, Sr.; Jen Costanza, Jr.

Outlook: Merows, a first-year coach, comes to Bryn Mawr from St. Margaret's School in Tappahannock, Va. She will inherit a program that returns a nucleus of juniors and seniors to a team that lost only to Oldfields three times last season.

City Knights

1993 record: 5-5. Coach: Jessica Ivy

Top players: Jeanette Jordan, Sr.; Melonie McCray, Sr.; Latasha Jones, Jr.

Outlook: Jordan is a standout but the Knights are rebuilding after losing six players to graduation. Much of last year's junior varsity has moved up to the varsity.

Carver Bears

1993 record: 1-12. Coach: Linda Hollis

Top players: Latarsha Marshall, Sr.; Deneka Cornish, Jr.; Lakisha Johnson, Jr.

Outlook: Last season, the Bears could not play in their own gym due to the resurfacing of the floor. This season, there's a new floor and a new team and Hollis will look to Marshall, Cornish and Johnson to lead.

Douglass Ducks

1993 record: 6-8. Coach: Mary Hughee

Top player: Danielle Barner, Sr.

Outlook: This season will be a rebuilding year for the Ducks, who have just one experienced player in Barner. She's a good server, strong hitter and should be a standout.

Dunbar Poets

1993 record: 8-5. Coach: Cynthia Gresham

Top players: Tenessa Davenport, Sr.; Talia Lawrence, Sr.; Sonia Love, Jr.

Outlook: In this, Gresham's first season coaching, she has inherited an experienced team that has average height. The Poets will look to maturity from the upperclassmen.

Edmondson Redskins

1993 record: 8-2. Coach: Anton Sawyer

Top players: Shondisha Bivens, Sr.; LeKeisha Flight, Sr.; Nikita Pope, Sr.; Teneira Williams, Jr.

Outlook: With nearly the entire team gone because of graduation, Sawyer will look to Bivens, Flight, Pope and Williams for leadership to guide the Redskins back to the regional semifinals.

Forest Park Foresters

1993 record: 10-4. Coach: Sonia Bailey

Top player: Valarie Medlin, Sr.

Outlook: Bailey coached junior varsity last season and this season she will coach both teams. The Foresters have worked together for a couple of seasons and should mesh well.

Friends Quakers

1993 record: 3-7. Coach: Lynn Hildebrandt.

Top players: Ruth Draper, Soph.; Marcie McLaughlin, Soph.

Outlook: The Quakers return two seniors, and their coach is amazed at how much the players have improved from last season. Hildebrandt is pleased with the turnout for this year's team, since numbers were a problem last season.

Institute of Notre Dame Indians

1993 record: no team. Coach: Keith Lynes.

Top players: Kelly Giorgakis, Sr.,; Corrine Rada, Jr.; Robin Johnson, Jr.

Outlook: Lynes says he is surprised at the level of play he's seen and that Giorgakis will be his team leader. The Indians, he says, are looking two or three years down the road as they prepare for

this season.

Lake Clifton Lakers

1993 record: 0-14. Coach: Susan Buckson

Top player: Aliss Williams, Jr.

Outlook: Buckson looks to rebound from a winless season and expects Williams, probably the most promising player for the Lakers, to provide leadership.

Mercy Sharpshooters

1993 record: 7-4. Coach: Jerry Hulla.

Top players: Rachael Grob, Sr.; Tricia Henry, Sr.; Meg Kline, Sr.; Denise Holthaus Sr.; Kristy Runyan, Jr.

Outlook: Most of the players on this team played together on a Catholic League junior-varsity championship team two years ago, so Hulla is calling this a "breakthrough year."

Mervo Mustangs

1993 record: 10-4. Coach: Nancy Havranek

Top player: Donita Blackwell, Sr.

Outlook: The entire junior varsity last season will move to varsity this season. Havranek will look to the experience and strength of Blackwell and also sophomore Tabitha Jones, who played well

for the junior varsity last season.

Northern Vikings

1993 record: 3-11. Coach: Linda Holmes

Top players: Shenna Colbert, Jr.; Jennifer Finch, Jr.

Outlook: After sporadic practices last season, first-year coach Holmes will expect a new team with better organization this season. Colbert and Finch will help with their experience and leadership.

Northwestern Wildcats

1993 record: 14-3. Coach: Lillian L. Brown

Outlook: The Wildcats have won at least 12 games each of the last two seasons and should battle Poly for the City 2A-3A league title.

Patterson High Clippers

1993 record: 4-9. Coach: Ann Gay

Top players: Romona Byrd, Sr.; Sue Hunt, Sr.

Outlook: With little height Gay will look to her seniors -- Byrd and xTC Hunt -- to carry this team. This season will be one of rebuilding and improvement.

Poly Engineers

1993 record: 10-4. Coach: Norman Perry

Top players: Susanne Huang, Sr.; Monica Harrison, So.

Outlook: Coach Perry expects a slow start and a strong finish. The Engineers will be led by the experience of Huang. Jessica Selba and Josephine Yeung lead a talented group moving up

from the JV.

Roland Park Reds

1993 record: 2-8. Coach: Staci Barbero.

Top players: Cara Brewer, Jr.; Abby Bowers, Soph.; Chrissy Carnody, Soph.

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