McCallum visits teammates

September 11, 1994|By Los Angeles Times

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Five days after suffering a season-ending, career-threatening leg injury, Napoleon McCallum showed up yesterday at the Los Angeles Raiders' headquarters in a wheelchair to visit his teammates.

"I'm all right," the fullback said. "I just came by to say hi and tell everybody I'm fine."

McCallum, a former Navy standout, ruptured an artery in his left leg and dislocated his kneecap on a tackle by the San Francisco 49ers' Ken Norton on Monday night.

PD Drawing on his deep religious faith and his unwavering optimism,

McCallum is ready to deal with his uncertain future. But he's not ready to talk about the past.

Asked about the injury, McCallum paused, then said, "I knew something was bad, but I don't want to relive it or have to read about it."

Because the play occurred on national television, McCallum has received a tremendous outpouring of concern and sympathy from fans.

"Some of the things I've heard have been really touching," he said. "But I'm not ready to get sentimental. I just want to get right, get ready and get fixed. I know the Lord has got something for me, has got a plan, and I'm just following it the best I can."

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