Voting on the Racetrack IssueAmong the many concerns of...


September 11, 1994

Voting on the Racetrack Issue

Among the many concerns of the residents of Havre de Grace is the proposal to build Maryland Motorsports Park, a racetrack, on the Blenheim Farm property. Citizens, now is the time to voice your opinions. Voting in this election is vital; those who are elected will be involved in the decision to allow or disallow construction of this nuisance project in our community.

"Citizens Against the Racetrack" would like to thank the candidates who took the time and effort to become informed about this issue. The following information has been compiled by personal contact, telephone calls and letters. We support those who oppose this project in their election and hope that you will also consider doing so.

In the race for state Senate in District 34, both Habern Freeman (D) and David Craig (R) are opposed. CAR would like to publicly thank Delegate Craig for the assistance he has provided to us in our efforts to learn about the issue. His presence at our meetings has assured us of his concern to help the citizens of his district.

Those running for the House of Delegates in District 34 who have expressed opposition are Rosemary H. Bonsack (D) and Nancy Jacobs (R). B. Daniel Riley (D) has said he is probably against it, but he wants to hear from citizens who are concerned. Mayor Gunther Hirsch (D) states that the issue belongs to the county, not Havre de Grace. However, he has appointed a task force to look into the issue; it is to report back in about four months. Scott Williams (R) expressed agreement for the racetrack if three conditions are met.

County Executive Eileen Rehrmann met with this group and expressed serious concerns about the racetrack, but stated no definite opinion.

The only candidate running for president of the County Council who disagrees with the racetrack project is Theresa Pierno (D). Arthur Helton (D) states that he is as yet undecided.

The candidates running for County Council who have expressed opposition are Bruce Wells (R-District B); H. Edward Andrews (D-District C); Barry Glassman (R-District D); Philip Barker (D-District F), and Mitchell Shank (R-District F). Don Beynon (R- District B) spent time listening to our concerns but stated no decision until further information is available.

Citizens of Harford County, do consider this issue as you enter the voting booths on Tuesday. Among the major issues to consider are traffic gridlock . . . noise that will be heard in excess of 10 miles from the racetrack, environmental pollution and loss of our precious wildlife. Is this what you want for Harford County in the future? I do not.

Lois B. Wright

Havre de Grace

Use Your Vote

We are all looking forward to another exciting election in 1994. Our state and local elected officials are scampering about in a curious and apprehensive fashion in an attempt to determine who will be running strongly against them and how the other candidates may jeopardize their jobs.

As concerned citizens, we should all seriously look back at the last four years and take a look at what the incumbents have accomplished. What have they done to improve our counties and state by introducing or supporting meaningful legislation to reduce the outrageous amount of violent crime, illiteracy, substandard education in public schools, teen pregnancy, political indifference and corruption.

We need to continue to make changes to keep out of office the "do nothing" politicians. . . . We need to ask ourselves what ever happened to the good old public servants? . . .

We now need more than ever to closely review the candidates' character, capability, work ethic, record for introducing legislation for the common people and their overall performance on the job. . . . If we are not satisfied we can throw the rascals out.

As proud Marylanders we all need to get out and vote. Let's make 1994 the year of the voter and elect only people who have many years of experience in community activity. They also must be decent, honest and have a compassionate understanding of the needs and desires of the people. Our vote is our voice. If we don't use it, we lose it.

Fred Demski

Bel Air

New Hospital Plan

I have rewritten this letter a number of times, trying to be objective about the matter of downsizing Harford Memorial Hospital to provide services for the Bel Air area in lieu of Fallston Hospital.

Aside from the obvious unfairness of such a plan, however, is a much larger reason. The Upper Chesapeake Health System devised this idea before realizing that the growth of Bel Air through the Abingdon community would eventually level off and the next area to grow is the Upper Bay region, composed of northern Harford and southern Cecil counties.

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