Exposing Bombast Over the B'hoysHooray, great column...


September 11, 1994

Exposing Bombast Over the B'hoys

Hooray, great column ("Stoning the B'hoys from Glass Houses," Aug. 28) I have been grinding my teeth in agony every time some politico like Mary Rose used political rhetoric like "good old boys." Thank you for exposing the phrase for what it is and those who use it.

William D. Rosseler


The writer is deputy state's attorney for Anne Arundel County.

Agee for County Executive

I was pleased to see that you share my enthusiasm for Bob Agee as he strives to become the next Anne Arundel County executive. It is very apparent to those of us who know him that his intelligence, integrity and common sense approach are the qualities most important to an executive's success. Bob's career in public service and private industry mirrors the success that such qualities impart.

I am concerned that Bob's refusal to "blow his own horn" may preclude some voters from recognizing his talents and abilities. . . . I find it ironic that an individual of Bob Agee's abilities and good nature . . . has difficulty gaining recognition because he refuses to act like a politician. . . . Thank you for telling it like it is.

Michael G. Leahy

Severna Park

The writer is a former policy and legal adviser to County Executive Robert R. Neall.

Agee's Police Plan?

I recently retired from the Anne Arundel County Police Department and have relocated to South Dakota. Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to return to Maryland for a visit and read a news article about county executive candidate Robert Agee's proposed changes within the police department.

I read with concern his proposal to place police substations in schools and fire departments. I have some knowledge of the number of calls for service and the staffing limitations of the Anne Arundel County Police Department and feel that this proposition is ludicrous. . . . How many officers will be placed in each station and how will that affect patrol operations? Will there be incarceration facilities there and how will arrests be handled? How does the school system and the fire department feel about the use of their facilities? . . . I would suggest to the citizens of Anne Arundel County that they consider whether they prefer to have their police officers patrolling their communities or staffing an office in a fire department or school.

John Santana

Hermosa, S.D.

Third Graders Now Voters

In 1984, in my 20th year of teaching school, John Leopold

publicly accused me of exploiting my third-graders because they had written letters to him (and to other officials) about current issues in the news, including the teachers pension. Following my government curriculum guide, the children wrote letters, so they could experience democracy.

No other official felt threatened by these letters, but Leopold took offense and soon my third-graders were seeing my picture on the front page of all the local papers and the evening television news. Leopold never had the courage to face me at a press conference. He had gained the publicity he craved, while having little regard for the distress he was subjecting on my students, who would ask me daily if I and they were all going to jail. So much for a lesson in democracy. . . . At my retirement party in 1989, letters of congratulations were read aloud from President Bush, Governor Schaefer and other dignitaries the committee had contacted, including a glowing letter from Leopold congratulating me for my 25 years of dedicated service. Apparently this man has memory loss, but my third-graders, their parents and the teachers of Anne Arundel County haven't forgotten. Mr. Leopold, those same third-graders are now of voting age, but I don't think they'll be voting for you. I'm hoping they'll follow their old teacher's advice and cast their vote as I am for Arnold, Blanch and Schade, new leadership for District 31.

Peggy McMahon

Lake Shore

Pension Scam

I read with interest the letter from Aimee Ehlers (Aug. 21), regarding Robert Agee's role in the pension scam of 1989. . . . Miss Ehlers should have checked the information . . . about my profession. . . .

I am not a lawyer nor am I a law partner of Phillip Scheibe. I am a

teacher (over 22 years) at North County High School with first-hand knowledge about the impact of this pension scam on my students. We need textbooks. We need materials of instruction. But more importantly, we need moral leadership in the office of county executive.

Secondly, Mr. Agee is now trying to cover up his role. He claims that he lobbied against the pension bill. The fact is that Mr. Agee tried to buy back four years for his own pension.

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